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By choosing to offer hospitality as a B&B in Riccione, the Hotel Ambasciata, has decided to give its guests the possibility to be more flexible at breakfast.


Those who choose to spend their holiday in Riccione at the Hotel Ambasciata can therefore enjoy breakfast from 8.00 AM to 11 AM. They can take as long as they like, savouring a delicious start to the day.


And our flexible times mean it is also possible to have an additional second breakfast (extra).

Hotel Ambasciata B&B

y adopting the typical B&B formula (Bed and Breakfast), the Hotel Ambasciata is able to offer its guests an excellent accommodation service and a rich and delicious breakfast, enjoying complete freedom and flexibility with regard to other meal times.

In any case, for those looking for a more traditional holiday, the Hotel Ambasciata has drawn up special agreements with nearby restaurants and pizzerias, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and great value prices.


All naturally combined with a vast choice of dishes and excellent food quality.


B&B Hotel Ambasciata: breakfast

A sweet wake up call, a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a rich morning banquet for full-on energy!

Every day, our breakfast buffet consists in a variety of homemade cakes, biscuits, fresh milk and seasonal fruit and juices. There's also bread, butter and jam and croissants for a typical Italian-style breakfast or rye bread or whole meal bread, cold cuts and delicious cheeses to start the day off in more Nordic style. Those who prefer other types of breakfasts can choose yoghurt, cereals and muesli or the energy of chocolate spread on fresh bread. All obviously accompanied by typical hot breakfast drinks, such as tea and coffee.

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